Beware the Distraction Devil

November 15, 2011


People are just too kind at work! No really they are. You may think you’re not because you don’t slave away on the weekend baking cookies that children can only dream of, only to bring them into work for your work colleagues, but you probably give something even more valuable. Your time and focus. These […]

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You’re Making Me Angry

November 12, 2011


  I was called a stupid fool.  I was, really.  The last time I was shouted at, the Hulk called me a stupid fool and I became a hulk myself and called him a little girl.  Ok, the last bit was a lie, I didn’t call him that, but I definitely wanted to and to […]

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Top 10 Tips For When *#!? Hits The Fan

November 10, 2011


1. Start analysing the decisions you made and come up with reasons why it was the best decision to make at the time. 2. Be ready to accuse someone else. Have a top 3 of other involved persons to point the blame to. Make sure those top 3 people are meek and mild in their […]

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Does This Gross You Out?

November 7, 2011


Personalities at Work: Part 2 These guys make you wince and wonder how their mother brought them up to be so.  They’re the people, that amongst work mates, you’ll have a laugh and joke about. However as you’re having a laugh about them, you’ll also be crying inside at how you’re going to have to […]

Decide Your Way To Management

November 5, 2011


How to make decisions and influence management

Becoming the Manager Part 2 You hopefully read Part 1 this series about showing some initiative and how, if you do it right, you’ll start edging towards the management limelight.  Well the next key skill I think you need to have is the ability to effectively make decisions.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Guess what, it is!  […]

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Personalities at Work

November 1, 2011


The workplace can be a haven for extremely odd behaviour.  It can be a place where strange people feel uninhibited to demonstrate their weirdness or at least show that they have no perception of what they do is so incredibly and socially unacceptable. These individuals exist in some form in all workplaces.  You may suspect […]

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Becoming The Manager Part 1

October 30, 2011


So you’ve been doing your job for a while and you’re looking to make the next step of hopefully doing fewer menial tasks, more meaningful work and of course, making that bit of extra coin.  That next step is management and for some is an easy progression due to lack of competition or a surge […]

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