I’m Mike, I’m an Aussie Vietnamese living in the overcast city (what I otherwise call London). A few things about me:

– I wanted to be Bruce Lee when I was 10. I almost broke my finger at that age trying to do one of his 1 finger push ups.

– I despise doing things that bore me. Ironing is at the top of that list.

– I think my iPhone can do a better job of being me than I can.

– I hate bad customer service, so much so I’ve banned myself from going to Strada (an Italian restaurant chain with tasty food but dislikes me too)

Phil Dunphy in Modern Family is hilarious.

I’m a hard worker but I don’t work smart enough. This blog is me trying to do that.

For the gym or health gurus out there, check out my other site Gymmotivationquote.com to get motivated!

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