From office Joe to office Pro!

Posted on October 17, 2011


A lot of us work in a 9-5 style environment and it can be a real drill. For me, its not tiresome and painful because of the actual work itself.  Its because all the factors that make up a typical work place and allow you to do your job can drive you to insanity.  Dealing with idiots, presenting difficult subject matters to subject matter professionals, coping with ever increasing workloads, negotiating incompetent managers,  delegating menial tasks are all aspects that we need to handle, but we often fail to do them in the most effective way.  Instead, if you’re like me, you’ll bumble through these tasks, haplessly but unknowingly ruining work relationships, producing less then desirable results and creating future problems.  However there are solutions to these work problems that us office soldiers can use.  Some of them are easy, most are challenging but they’re all possible with a bit of self analysis and discipline.

This is a journal of my learnings.  I’ve been told I think too much and I have to agree with them I do.  So know I’m using this wonderful world of blogging as a psychological outlet but hopefully it will be useful to you as well.  I don’t claim to have all the answers but I’m gonna be so bold as to claim I have some common sense.   I’m an IT business analyst by trade, so my blogs will have a techy flavour to them but don’t worry I won’t geekify my entries too much, but just enough to paint the scene.

I urge you to critique the hell out of me and tell me I’m wrong and there’s a better way of doing things.  I’m a big boy now and I can take a beating plus I’d be keen to figure out better methods and techniques that help us all towards work effectiveness.

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